We are living in complicated times. Political and ideological differences fuel controversy about the relationship between media and propaganda, and research on teens’ use of social media suggests many are unable to determine fact from fiction (Stanford History Education Group, 2016). This is compounded by intense pressure to standardize curriculum, which risks the prioritization of scripted content over the interrogation of contemporary and relevant texts.

The projects on this page demonstrate the pedagogical potential of podcasting as a means of promoting critical literacy while addressing important and authentic disciplinary concepts. Collectively, these projects highlight ways teachers can use podcasting and digital medial analysis to create--and invite their students to co-create--personally, culturally, and contextually relevant learning experiences. (Teacher educators, click here to see a copy of the assignment and rubric, or here to access resources related to creating or teaching with podcasts.)

These projects are shared with the permission of their author(s), who would welcome feedback about their work or ways you are using it in your own classroom. To search by content area, click the "Content Area" button and select those disciplines that interest you.