This page contains readings and resources to accompany Radically Inclusive Teaching with Newcomer and Emergent Plurilingual Students: Braving Up . Additional professional learning resources are included at the end of each chapter.

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Meet the Language Explorers

Part 1: Foundations

Recommended Readings and Resources

Readings and resources related to linguistic dominance

Part 2: Radically Inclusive Pedagogies

Chapter 4: Who are you? Exploring Identity and Community in the Classroom

Recommended Readings and Resources

Professional Development Resources Related to Learning Students’ Names

Resources for Community Forests


Chapter 5: Who are we? Crossing Borders with Arts-Based and Plurilingual Pedagogies

Recommended Readings and Resources 

Personal and Social Identity

Reading and analyzing children’s literature in secondary classrooms

Critical caminatas

Chapter 6: Can you hear me? Amplifying student voice within and beyond the classroom:

Professional Learning Resource: Teaching with Sound

Recommended Readings and Resources


Chapter 7: And Then We Had to Pivot

Professional Learning Resources: Modeling Inclusive, Affirming and Academically Rigorous Pedagogies

Recommended Readings and Resources

Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Teaching during COVID-19

   Icebreakers and Community Building

Plurilingual, Interactive Spoken Word Libraries

Part 3: Stretching Beyond the Classroom

Chapter 8:  Redefining Success: Complexity, Proficiency and Agency

Professional Learning Resources for Redefining Success

Recommended Readings and Resources

Chapter 9: Blossoming: From Roots to Trees: Supporting, Sustaining and Advocating for Radically Inclusive Teaching

Professional Learning Resources and Interviews

Recommended Readings and Resources